Saturday, May 14, 2011

2011 May 14 - Test Ride

2011 May 14 - Test Ride - Berryessa-Knoxville Road

I was going to do a Test Ride of Berryessa-Knoxville Road this week to check on the condition of the road and also the level of the water of the 10 water crossings.

The road surface was actually as good as it gets. The pot holes were filled. The road is never going to be smooth but it was in excellent condition (for that road). The first two water crossings were dry. The water was several feet below the crossing. The third had the most water. Two more had some water and two others had such little water that we treated it like a puddle on a normal roadway. So there were 5 totally dry crossings.

But we found out that Pleasant Valley Road will be closed on May 21, 2011 - our Ride date because of the following.

Vacaville Sunrise Rotary’s 3rd Annual ‘Fun Run’

Help support our sponsor, Vacaville Sunrise Rotary, in their 3rd Annual Fun Run to be held on Saturday, May 21, 2011!


Dixon Carl's Junior.
Ted, Wayne and Phil

At the Turtle Rock Cafe and Bar we pick up Daryl from Santa Rosa.
Daryl's Thunderbird

Inside the Turtle Rock. Photo by Wayne.

Photo by Wayne

Photo by Wayne

From the turtle Rock we immediately make the right turn onto Berryessa-Knoxville Road. The first part is very good road. Then after we get north of the Pope Valley Road turn off the road continues to deteriorate. Eventually we lose the yellow dividing line and reach the water crossings.

I am really disappointed in the first two water crossings - NO water.

The third crossing was the deepest maybe four inches or so.

Then the fourth crossing I decide to stop for a photo op.

That is Daryl with his iPhone videoing in the photo

But we have a couple of iPhones along.
These are my edits of Daryl's videos. We had already crossed it. But Ted and Wayne volunteer to ride back through the water and cross it again.

The first video is Ted.

Heeerrreee's Wayne!!!

We have our mandatory rest stop at the entrance to the closed Homestake gold mine.
All three photos by Ted.

Then we ride down Morgan Valley Road into Lower Lake then head north to Clearlake and the Main Street Bar and Grill for lunch. It is now past 2:00 PM and everyone is starving.
Main Street B and G overflow parking lot - photo by Daryl

Main Street Bar and Grill overflow parking lot - photo by Daryl

All of the burgers are 1/2 pound. Unless you are a Senior, then you get 1/3 pound.
The Ortega Burger. Bacon, cheddar cheese and an Ortega pepper

Daryl's adulterated Ortega Burger smothered in ketchup

Phil's Club House

Wayne's Teriyaki Burger smothered in mushrooms

The lady at the next table took this group photo.

Ending up with a few photos of the guys eating.

And the last photo is the best of the bunch. Really attacking that burger!!!!

Daryl splits off as the rest of us head to Hwy 20. At Hwy 16 Ted splits off.
We end the Ride at the Cache Creek Casino gas station. From there Phil and Wayne split off of Hwy 16 toward Dunnigan and I-5 while I continue my back roads back home.



  1. I assume growing up is out of the question.. lol

  2. Puddles are fun at ANY age!